Fashion from space age

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Fashion from space age

The space age era of fashion was a period in the 1960s that saw a futuristic and avant-garde approach to clothing and style. Influenced by the advancements in technology and the growing interest in outer space exploration, designers like Pierre Cardin, André Courrèges, and Paco Rabanne took inspiration from the cosmos to create innovative and unconventional pieces.

One of the defining features of space age fashion was the use of new materials such as vinyl, metallic fabrics, and plastic to create sleek and form-fitting silhouettes. Silvery space suits, mod miniskirts, and geometric patterns became popular staples of the movement, reflecting a desire to embrace the unknown and push the boundaries of tradition.

The space age trend also extended to accessories and hairstyles, with metallic boots, helmets, and sleek bobs completing the futuristic look. The space age aesthetic represented a departure from the past and a celebration of the possibilities of the future, capturing the optimism and innovation of the time.

Even in modern times, the influence of space age fashion can still be seen in the designs of contemporary designers and the continued fascination with space exploration. The era continues to inspire creativity and boldness in fashion, reminding us to look to the stars for inspiration.

Image by Felix Nic (CC3B0) from Flickr.

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